RSVP Does Not Mean…

How do you get everybody on your invite list to RSVP for your event? Chances are that you’ll spend days after the RSVP date chasing people for a commitment, all the while wondering why you ever bothered to invite such a pain in the a*se person to begin with. I’m still trying to work out whether people just don’t know what RSVP means, or if people just lack common courtesy. Correct me if I’m wrong… but it seems to be much worse with generations X and Y than with anyone else. When you’re invited to an event, there is an awful lot of planning and expense that goes into YOUR attendance. The most common examples of this would be weddings, hens/bucks nights and birthday parties. When you invite someone to your special event, it is because they are a VIP in your life…

Does Not Mean.... (1)

RSVP means “respondez s’il vous plait.” In plain English it means, “please respond” and/or “just let us know whether or not we should order and pay for your meal and ensure that you have somewhere to sit.”

RSVP does not mean:

  • Wait until the RSVP date has passed and then wait for me to chase you up for your answer
  • Ignore 12 phone calls from me as I try to establish whether or not you’ll be attending
  • RSVP on the day of the event and then expect to be catered for at the last minute
  • Attempt to RSVP by saying that you’d like to let me know a few days before the event, just in case something else comes up
  • RSVP your attendance and then text on the day to say that something else has come up
  • Accept the invitation and then not show up on the day without a phone call or explanation
  • Accept the invitation and then arrive late and complain that your meal is cold or that you missed out on the free bar tab
  • Decline the invitation but show up anyway
  • Decline the invitation and then post Facebook status updates about how bored you are sitting at home all alone
  • Bring an uninvited guest along with you, when your name was the only one on the invitation
  • Only agreeing to come along if you can bring your brand new partner, and then getting the sh*ts and say you’re not coming because I said no
  • Don’t let me know either way and then just turn up
  • Don’t let me know either way and then whine about missing the event a week later because I hadn’t followed up your RSVP


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