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What do Wicked Waiters do?

Wicked Waiters will greet guests, serve food and drinks (prepared and provided by the host), play games, pose for photographs and clean up in the kitchen – all in a professional, yet sexy way!

Do Wicked Waiters strip?

No. This is strictly a non-sexual service.

What do Wicked Waiters wear?

Always immaculately presented, shirtless waiters wear black trousers, polished black shoes and a black bow-tie. Apron waiters wear an apron, black bow tie and polished black shoes. Costume Waitresses can attend your event in a variety of costumes, chosen by you. Please inquire for the different options of costumes.

Are Wicked Waiters only available for hens nights?

No. Wicked Waiters are delighted to attend any function or event including birthday parties, Christmas parties, ‘Girls Night In’ parties, corporate and promotional events or fundraisers.

Can I choose my Wicked Waiter?

Although we are happy to accommodate a preference for a specific Wicked Waiter, we cannot always guarantee that they will be available.

Who are the waiters?

All of our waiters are local, everyday people with gorgeous bodies and personalities! Some are tradies, from the gym and some from corporate offices, but all share the same passion; to excite, indulge and entertain!

Does your service provide food and drinks?

No. All Wicked Waiters aim to please your guests by serving delicious food and drinks, pre-organised and prepared by you.

Are there a minimum or maximum number of guests required for an event?

The number of guests is completely up to you, however, please note that some of our special event packages have minimum and maximum guest number requirements. For all other events we recommend a 1:15 ratio of Wicked Waiters staff to guests.

What if we would like our waiter to stay a little longer?

If you would like your Wicked Waiter/Waitress or Brand Ambassador to stay longer than the original time, please phone us to discuss. This option is only available if the staff member is available and willing to stay on longer and if a credit card is processed over the phone. Wicked Waiters staff will not stay longer than anticipated unless payment has been made.