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The Byron Hens Trend!

What’s not to LOVE about having a Byron Bay hens party!?!?! Every weekend, we here at Wicked Waiters provide sexy shirtless waiters for hens events in Byron Bay. Weekend after weekend, ladies from all over Australia (and even from overseas) travel to Byron Bay for the ultimate Hens Party weekend. We affectionately call these the FIFOH’s (Fly in Fly out Hens) here at the office!

Months and months are often spent planning these incredible hens party events and each group comes with a different style of celebration in mind. Some ladies come to chill out, lay on the beach and relax; some want a health kick and get involved in Yoga at sunrise, fresh juice and organic food; whereas others come with total luxury in mind – champagne & restaurants all the way. No matter what the style, Byron offers it all.

Usually the first thing to organise is accommodation and there is NO shortage of it!! Our friends at Byron Bay Holiday Rentals have a multitude of properties, perfect for hens party groups. You can have ocean views, be close to town, get out of town and into the hinterland or even stay beachfront. The choices are endless!!! There are also a few things you’ll need to know about noise and security, so make sure you check out all of your responsibilities upfront.

Here are a list of just SOMEĀ of the gorgeous properties our Wicked Waiters staff have been to in 2015:

Blue Bliss Apartment


6 Seaview Street, Byron Bay

Buddha’s Retreat

Narringa – Skinners Shoot

Things to do…

Now, no hens party is complete without things to do. Whether you want fun & adrenalin, laid back or pampering – Byron has the lot. We provide some lovely packages & come to you at your chosen accommodation on our website. Or you can check out a variety of other options here.

Want to head out and experience the unique nightlife? Here is a blog about some of the best places to go out in Byron Bay.


Time to get organised!!!

We look forward to seeing you in Byron some time soon!!! To keep in touch, check out our Facebook Page.