4 Money Saving Tips for your Hens Party

Let’s be honest. Hens Parties can get bloody expensive! The excitement of being invited to your dear friend’s hens party can quickly dissolve once you open the invitation and you read that it’s going to be held at a day spa in Fiji… in just 2 months. Eeeeeeek.

One of the main purposes of a hens party (other than it being a fabulous send off for the bride-to-be, into a lifetime of wedded bliss) is the bringing together of her closest and most dearest friends and celebrating her fabulous life choice. Money however, is something that can divide a group quickly. Although everyone on the invite list may want to play, not all can afford to and it puts a lot of stress and pressure on those who just can’t afford it. But does large expense actually bring a larger level of enjoyment? Yes? No? Maybe? For those who are wanting to plan a more affordable option for a hens party, here are our top money saving tips for your hens party.

Money Saving

1. Invite Guests Online – Sending an invitation via email or through a private Facebook event is a great way to save money straight away. No fancy paper. No graphic design. No postage. No printing costs. Absolutely free. Although it may not be the fanciest way to send invites for a fabulous event, it is certainly very cost effective. Ask yourself… Does my email invitation or Facebook event invitation say and explain everything that I need it to? Yes? Great.

2. Start Planning Early – The earlier that you can begin planning, the better in every single way. You will be able to take advantage of the best offers, have your choice in accommodation or restaurant bookings before they fill their reservations; plus the girls will have more notice and therefore have longer to get their money together. All of these things combined will eliminate drop-outs from the hens entourage which means that the hen can have her nearest and dearest there. Win-Win. Start as early as possible (4-5 months prior is recommended).

3. Host at Home – Who said that the best hens parties had to be held at pubs, restaurants or hotels? Hosting at home means that there are no upfront hire fees, meals or drinks to pay for at ridiculous prices or accommodation costs to split. In theory it can save your group at least $500 or more. You can relax, cater yourselves and enjoy a fun afternoon or evening of drinks, nibbles and party games. Why not hire a party plan consultant to come along for a couple of hours and show you the latest in linen, lingerie or sex toys? Most companies do not charge for party plan demonstrations so it is an affordable entertainment option.

4. Package Offers – Look around your local area for a company who puts together packages and have them come to you. Perhaps the bride-to-be might like a pamper party, or a high tea or maybe a sexy pole dancing class. Often these businesses package up with other local businesses and services and for an all-inclusive price can create 2-4 hours of hens party fun. You can check out the great range of Wicked Waiters special event packages here.

Cheers to your planning ladies! We would love to get your feedback, so please head over to our Facebook Page and leave us your money saving tip for hens parties! There could be a frantic, budget worrying maid of honour out there, just waiting to hear your idea.